Natural and Cirebon Furniture Rattan

Natural and Cirebon Furniture Rattan

Travelling, getting new experiences, and buying the best rattan furniture for your home, sounds interesting does not it? In Indonesia there is a village in Cirebon named Tegal Wangi that almost all of the villagers make rattan furniture Cirebon as their jobs. If you are visiting this village, you will get the new experience which is you will be able to see the process of making the rattan furniture Cirebon from the beginning until the last process. Do not worry if you can not come here to buy one because they can send it to you since there are rattan furniture exporters that will send the furniture, this village is usually exported 1200 containers per month. Another activity that you can do here is by practising to make the handmade rattan that you want, the visitors are able to visit this village from the morning until the night. The unique thing about rattan furniture Cirebon is this region is actually not the one that produces rattan but almost all of the villagers are being the rattan furniture maker. So it is like they have to take the main materials—which is rattan from another region. 

There are actually two kinds of rattans, the natural rattan and the rattan synthetic, in this part this article is going to talk about the natural rattan. If you want to buy the furniture that has the natural rattan as its main material, make sure it also has another material to combine—like wood, iron, and glass so it will not look plain. The wood and the iron are usually used as the ones to make the natural rattan stronger. The good thing about the natural rattan is, it is very flexible so it will be easier to shape for the furniture. The next thing that you need to know about the natural rattan is, do not put the furniture natural rattan outside because it will damage the rattan, if you want to put it outside make sure it also has the coating so it will last longer. One thing that you need to know is do not clean the natural rattan using the wet fabric because it will make the rattan easy to get damaged since it will be more humid and has a lot of fungi then will be easier to be broken. If you are living in a minimalist place or you want to make the minimalist vibes then choose the small furniture since it will suit perfectly for the house. So, here are the things that you need to notice when you are buying the rattan furniture in the store : 

1. Suit the furniture rattan with the interior design in your house, so when you are in the store there will be a lot of choices and you can imagine the perfect ones that are suitable for the design of your place. It is very important because making the design interior and the furniture will make each room in the house look perfect and eye-catching 

2. Choose the furniture based on where will you place that furniture. It has mentioned before that if you want to put it outside make sure it has a coating, but if you want to put it inside you do not have to buy the ones that have a coating.

3. If you are still confused about what design of your home is, you can use the color of the wall to suit the furniture. Basically the natural rattan only has color like cream, brown, and dark yellow since it is natural color if the rattan, but those three colors seem perfect for most of the other colors

4. Once you have chosen one or some, then check every detail of the furniture. After you made sure that everything is good, you can take pictures of it so when it will be delivered the store to your house, you can do the double checking just in case there will be some damages that are caused because of the delivery 

As is has mentioned in the first paragraph that nowadays it is already a lot of rattan furniture exporters in Indonesia because Indonesia has a lot of rattan so it is not difficult to find the main materials for the rattan furniture. So do not worry if you have visited Indonesia but you do not know how to bring or you want to bring the furniture because it is too big. The government also really supports the idea of rattan furniture exporters because it will also increase the economy of Indonesia and you will get the best quality of the rattan since it is already proven that Indonesia has the best rattan in the world. The furniture rattan that is usually exported is the ones from Cirebon because it is like the center of rattan furniture maker. 

Based on some observations, it is said that the furniture that uses rattan will be last longer than the ones that use woods. Another good thing that you will get by choosing the furniture rattan is, rattan is such a material that is very easy to be shaped so that is why the things that use rattan have the unique shape than the ones that use woods as its main materials. Even though the rattan does not have a lot of colors but the natural color of rattan is very suitable for any color so it is also easy to do the mix and match with any color. By putting the rattan furniture in your place, it will also give the aesthetic and modern vibes since the natural color if rattan really shows those vibes. Another good thing is, you can make all of your furniture using the rattan because it is also able to do so, but the most furniture that is made from the rattan are tables, chairs, bed, and bench. You can also make another decoration to complete your furniture using the rattan so it will look perfect and have the same vibe.

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